Spring 2015 | In collaboration with Zain Islam-Hashmi.

Spring 2015, 4 weeks | Advised by Freddie Croce, Donna Ficca, Kate Spires and Kai Gutschow | In collaboration with Zain Islam-Hashmi.

The wood structure spans 48″ between two hollow piers and carries 100 pounds of weight without any use of glue, nails, or fasteners.


Through understanding the materiality and structural performance of plywood, the structure is assembled solely by wood joinery.


Design uses the “triangular spring” as basis for form finding.



Initial models

Stage One 1/2″ Scale Model

IMG_1317 copy

Stage Two 1/2″ Scale Model

Crisscrossing curves inspired by the human spine materialize in wood form.

The system of construction involves dowel, mitre and cross lap joints.