saco bath

Spring 2015



Concept Map

Situated on the edge of Saco Lake in New Hampshire, the bath house is conceptually grounded on the geological process of compression and expansion.

The shifting of the plinth and the canopy informs the dynamic play of space between the man-made subterranean construct and the natural quarrying of pre-existing rocks on the lakeside.

Upon entry, one would proceed through the mediating ground of the viewing platform and submerge under the greater building shell that cantilevers on the opposite end of the hallway, hanging gently above the tepidarium (warm pool), compressing the outdoor space towards the quarrying of the rocks.

The extruded openings scattered along the building canopy allow for greater control over sun angle exposure and air flow to create semi-private and private seating areas hidden from the main axis of the circulation hallway.

A similar language is continued in the sauna spaces where the interior is objectified within the greater building shell, rendered in smooth and polished material to juxtapose the rough geology of the natural construct.